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Hello! I'm Challoner Spokes, an experienced painter who specialises in creative education and training for adult learners.

With well over a decade of experience of delivering training, education and workshops to students and adult learners of various ages and backgrounds, my style of instruction is energetic, fun and interactive.

My paintings are full of big colour, shape and bold contrasts. The paintings often depict themes of nature and of relationships, the cultivation of memory and of horticulture. A lot of my paintings are done in oil paint or acrylic. I love the feel of paint. It’s buttery and smooth and the act of putting the paint on canvas is delicious. I make my own canvas boards so that I can feel completely involved in whole process.

My work is representational but it is not bound by reality. I’m interested in shape, line and colour. For me, light is important but mainly to show up contrasts in colour. I enjoy the line that interrupts colours to define shape and objects. Colour theory and the Fauvist art movement really excite me. I like creating work which is more than reality; I like to emphasise what is important about the subject and, for me, that means Lines and Colour.

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I'm delighted to be working with The Seasons Art Class. The wonderful 14 week programmes of art classes are for Adult Learners (Beginners and Improvers) and covers everything you need to know to be able to draw and paint. Have the best fun ever and create the art you've always wanted to with your supportive tutor and friends.

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